This release note lists down the new features which are implemented in Mofluid  iOS version 16.35

New Features-

1. The homepage features the ‘Best Seller – displays the list of products that are mostly sold on the site.


2. Full Image gives a full screen view of a product on a white background, enhancing the visual appearance of the product as well as covers the finer details.


3. ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are disabled for all out-of-stock products on the product detail page.


4. Earlier, when any of the ‘Filter’ parameters were checked, it remained selected and could not be unchecked. This issue has now been resolved.


5. ‘Discounted price’ or ‘Special price’ has been re-aligned on the homepage as shown below –


6. Since it takes a while for the new images to be downloaded on screen, the thumbnail from the previous page is displayed temporarily, instead of a blank screen for a better visual effect.


Other Fixes –

Initially, categories on the left side of the homepage were not closing up, and resulted in a long open list. But now when you tap on a new category, the previously opened category closes automatically, providing for a neater navigation.

While loading the products in PDP, the new products were getting placed at the top, while the previously opened products were getting placed at the bottom of the list. This has been fixed for viewing in the correct order.

Fixed the ‘Back’ button on Cart page which wasn’t responding earlier.

‘Share’ button is now functioning properly on iPad.

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