This release note lists down the new features which are implemented in Mofluid ver. 2.26 :

New Features

Changes in the Overall Application Theme –

  • Cart Page – Cart quantity update and delete issue have been fixed. The scrolling too has been improved for the page. It overall has a better layout.

image 1_ my cart

  • My Orders Page – has a new improved user interface.

image 2_My orders

  • User Profile Page – has new improved design.

image 3_user profile page

  • Login Page has a new theme.

image 4_login page

  • Sort Option on Product Listing page had issues in opening, closing and was slow in loading.
    The functionality is now changed to display a pop-up menu for sort options as shown below-

image 5_sorting in PDP page

  • Product Detail Page – Changed PDP design as per new theme and improvements.
    PDP page used to display default data, before loading the correct data from backend. The layout has been changed to display the correct data directly, thereby reducing lags in layout.

image 6_PDP full layout

  • Currency Symbol is being shown from the backend data and hence are displayed correctly as set up on the website, unlike previously when the currency symbol was picking from android library and hence was not getting correct symbols for certain currencies.

Issues Fixed –

  • Fonts NO longer change on expanding in the Slider Menu options.image 7_font within sub menu
  • “Add To Wishlist” loading time is now faster and improved.
  • Cancellations using the CCAvenue payment gateway do NOT continue to ‘process the order’. It simply gets cancelled and displays the proper error/cancellation message.
  • Write Review functionality is now managed for all supported devices and Android versions which wasn’t the case earlier.
  • Fixed the issues provided in QA testing related to layout, improvements and data loading etc.
  • Fixed app crashes in case of prolonged data loading in certain cases.
  • Issue of redirecting to checkout page after logging-in is fixed.

Mofluid Android version 2.26 is live on the Google Play Store.

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