Hello All,

We would like to inform you that the Mofluid Android app for Magento1 has been updated to release version 3.0.0(Play Store Version 2.60).

The highlighted features in Mofluid-1 Android App release are as follows –

Bug Fixes & improvements :

1. Reordered cart items are saved and stay in the cart.
2. Entered billings addresses remain populated on the page even after back and forth navigation on Checkout page.
3. Out of stock products won’t get re-ordered now.
4. MRP get struck off on discounted products.
5. For configurable products, thumbnail image of child product shows instead of parent product.
6. Filter functionality improved.
7. User profile gets updated with the information (address) user enters at checkout.
8. Cart items are removed from it when they are ordered.
9. Some bug fixes and improvements done to make the resource loading easy.

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