This release note lists down the new features which are implemented in Mofluid Android version 2.41

New Features-

Cart sync functionality is implemented.

The Shopping cart on the app is now synchronised with the website. Any product added to cart through the website, gets reflected on the app and vice versa.




Capital-letter sorting removed

Earlier, sorting was happening based on Capital letters first and then on small letters. This has now been changed to the products being alphabetically sorted on the listing page, irrespective of the capitalization.


Fixed Header name 

On applying the filter, the header text would display the selected filter name. But now this issue has been fixed to always show the name of base category on the Header.


Other Fixes

Coupon restriction applied

The coupon code, which was initially getting applied multiple times, irrespective of the restrictions in the settings within the admin panel has been fixed. The code will get applied only once and when it meets the required criteria.

Fixed UI and performance issues.

Some basic UI based bug fixes and background performance improvements were made.

NOTE : The Mofluid extension has been updated to 2.0.12 along with this release.

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