This release note lists down the new features which are implemented in MofluidiOS version 16.40 and Android version 2.40

New Features in iOS App version 16.40 –

1. The Related Products on the Product Display Page is now implemented and can be viewed by scrolling down the screen.

(Related products mean similar product suggestions to the one currently on display)


2. A single app can be configured for multiple stores of the same owner.

Multiple stores listing can be viewed through the app, by clicking on “Choose Store” from the Main Menu.


Once a store is selected, you can click on your preferred language from the three currently available choices – English, French & German.

The store settings and the price details are then displayed in accordance to the chosen language.


3. Similar to Android, whenever a user adds a product to the cart, a message gets displayed to indicate the action – “ Your product is added to cart


Other fixes –

When a product is clicked for full image viewing, and while the product image is being uploaded, it displays a loading animation figure (usually represented by a rotating circle).

The touch zones of BACK and the CLOSE buttons have been increased, as they were not working appropriately on iOS devices like 5s.

The device memory leak and crash issues have been fixed for the homepage.

New Features in Android ver. 2.40 –

1. Similar to iOS version 16.40, Related Product feature has been added on the PDP.

2. In case of lazy loading, Loader has been added at the end of the listing, to indicate that the activity is in progress.


3. Implemented Multiple Filter selection and is working on Category Product Listing. Now any tab options within the filters can be selected and the results will be displayed accordingly.


4. ‘Configurable’ options which were not getting displayed for some products, are now resolved.


‘Custom’ product was initially having some options selection issues & the correct options were not getting displayed. This too has been fixed.


5. The issue of blank UI on home page has been fixed and the Home Page loader is now getting displayed in the beginning.


Other fixes –

The intermittent flickering of some of the images on the product listing page have been fixed.

Fixed minor crashes within the app and the overall UI and performance issues have been taken care of.

NOTE : The Mofluid Extension has been updated to 2.0.11 along with this release.

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