Hello All,

We would like to inform you that the Mofluid Android app for Magento2 has been updated to release version 1.0.8.

Below are the Bugs that we have fixed:

1. User was  able to checkout with the out of stock products in cart.Now after fixing this user can not checkout if he has any out of stock product or invalid quantity of product.
2. On my Profile page list of orders was taking too much time to load and If user navigate to another page from profile page app was getting hang for a moment.Now I have implemented Recyclerview and removed the list that was causing the same.
3.Navigation of App was wrong For Example if user click on Account tab ->search tab->home it was showing account page instead of home page.Now navigation is working fine.
4.Reorder functionality is now implemented from the API.There was not any validation for the out of stock products and Downloadable products earlier Now Its Implemented.
5. The country and state Issue I have fixed for now but it still need some  work to optimise the code of this page.

6. Configurable products is implemented.

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