1. Tax Option

Problem Statement: Option in Mofluid backend to display the prices
inclusive of taxes or exclusive of taxes on the app. Most of the
Magento website uses inclusive taxes feature for prices but right now
Mofluid shows prices exclusive of taxes.

1.1 Inclusive of Taxes
By default the prices in mofluid are shown as exclusive of taxes.
When the check box is clicked, it means mofluid shows the prices
inclusive of taxes.

1.2 Exclusive of Taxes
By default mofluid shows prices exclusive of taxes.

2. Tax Text Display Option

Problem Statement: Need an option to choose, whether the admin
want to show the Including and Excluding Tax text with product or not.

Check box option to check “Show text of tax details with the
product price in the product details page”

3. Slider Menu

Problem Statement: Right now the categories and sub-categories are
shown in the app page.

3.1 Categories and Sub Categories
Categories and Sub-categories should be listed in the slider menu,
which comes overlapping on the app page from left side with a
background so text will be visible.

4. Page Flow

Problem Statement: The pages should appear in a flow from right to
left in a sliding motion. Right now it appears are a new page from
back to front.

4.1 Sliding Motion
The page should appear through a sliding motion from Right to Left side.

5. Problem Statement: Performance Improvement

Product Listing page performance improvement with pagination

5.1 Product Listing Page
The performance of product listing page needs to be improved when
browsed beyond 20 prducts.

6. Alert Message

Problem Statement: Modern Theme_When user try to increase product
quantity greater than available in stock then alert should appear to
user to indicate user about same. Also while deleting the alret is not

6.1 Above Stock Level
When user tries to increase the product quantity above stock
quantity, there should be alert displayed – “You are adding product
quantity more than available stock”.

6.2 Delete
When user deletes a product, there should be alert message with
option “Are you sure, you want to delete the product” with Yes and
Cancel Options.

7. Redirection to Product Detail Page

7.1 Cart to Product Detail Page
User needs to be redirected to the product detail page when
clicked on the image of any product in the cart – This issue is
exisinting in configurable products. When user clicks on child, then
it redirects to parent.

8. Simple Product – Bug Fixing

8.1 Simple Product

Same simple product with different custom options can be added to the cart

9. Guest Checkout

Guest users can browse and add products to cart and also check
out with out needing to register.

10. Google + login

Now users can register and login through their existing Google + accounts.

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