We have updated the process of generating iOS app from your favorite mobile app maker – Mofluid. The manual time taking procedure for getting the iOS app for your website is now no more a part of Mofluid. It’s time to get the iOS app of your website in your mail box directly without any hassle.

Automated iOS build generation:

Now generating iOS app for your e-commerce website is just a click away!
Earlier all iOS build request made by users were manually handled & processed by Mofluid support team and thus it took around 4-5 hours for our users to get the iOS app which was pretty exasperating. Now we have automated this process. You just need few things to generate iOS app which can be easily handled by any store owner.
Prerequisites for generating the iOS app:

Phonegap Build Credentials

  •  You just need to create an account on the website ( and then enter the credentials in the Mofluid admin settings. Click here to sign up.
  • Apple developer account – Register on the Apple’s official website and create a developer account. This will be a paid account with the rental of $99 per year. This account will be used to submit the iOS mobile app in iTunes so that it will be available in the stores for sale.
  • iOS certificate and Provisioning Profile – These documents can be created from the Apple developer account. You can refer to the documentation if you want any help creating these documents.

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