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Step 1:
Steps to install Magento Extension Using Magento Connect :

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Sign into your Magento store admin panel.

Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.


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Step 2: Now Sign into Magento Connect Manager.

Step 3:
Now go to Setting

Follow some steps :

  1. select Magento Connect Channel Protocol as Ftp, Preferred State as Stable, Use custom permissions as No and Deployment Type as Local Filesystem
  2. if Local file system Radio button is disabled then just give the 777 permission to your Magento Store whole folder Now just Click on Save Settings Button.

Step 4:
After saving settings click on Extension tab.Click on Upload package file under Direct package file Upload section.

  1. You just need to upload a tgz file package of the extension and then click on Upload button.

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